Creative-Advertising Awards

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A sampling of the different creative-advertising awards, in multiple media, won by Shirley/Hutchinson clients spanning many years. All of these competitions were national or international in scope, typically with thousands of entrants. S/H clients shared one important distinction: against most Fortune 500 corporations, the size of their company (and their relative budget) may have been small. The size of their creative was not.

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About the Author: John Shirley

John Shirley wandered into creative advertising 20 years ago when he realized a career built on rock and roll documentaries was not a long-term proposition. Shirley/Hutchinson has concentrated on regional and national clients, including the Marriott, Checkers, Lockheed Martin and Hyatt. Shirley’s work has been profiled several times in Adweek. He hasn’t had the urge to interview someone with tattoos and purple hair in years. He has been overheard saying, “This is the most fun I’ve ever been paid for.” He means it.