New projects in three states, new proposals in four more.

After 25 years of “National Advertising Without The Agency”, Shirley/Hutchinson’s new direction is gaining traction. “Moving images. On a higher plane” is a focused outreach to successful Christian entrepreneurs all over the country. And they’re responding.

Using principles learned in project work with large Fortune 500 corporations, S/H is bringing long-term branding clarity to much-smaller companies. Researched, coordinated Creative Strategies resonate with customers in ways unconnected efforts never could. For the first time, advertising dollars can produce a synergy that delivers superior results. That means greater ROI. Now — and in years to come.

Because S/H has always delivered custom-tailored, turnkey projects, less entrepreneur involvement is required. Disruptions to business are minimized. Independent, part-time creative vendors (and the time-consuming management required) are eliminated. Instead, the kind of smoothly-integrated advertising programs used by large national brands are now available to you. And the results are measurable.

Have you ever thought “too much marketing money gets wasted in too many ways”? You’re right. Every day. Laser-accurate branding – and the improved websites, webvideos, social media and traditional media that result – re-focus and re-energize your customer communications permanently.

Best of all, getting started won’t cost you a dime. On a national basis, S/H conducts free consultations and analysis. If that requires an on-site meeting in your offices… we’ll come to you. The first step is a quick phone call away.

Join others who are exploring a better alternative. Call Shirley/Hutchinson today at 813-229-6162.

About the Author: John Shirley