How will your audience remember you?

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, trying to make your company stand out can be overwhelming.  Many of your competitors have a used-for-years motto that their audiences remember with reliable recall.  But what happens when you don’t want to settle for the status quo?  When you want to go above and beyond, but be direct and simple at the same time?  You’ve just described a strategically-targeted corporate-positioning statement… not just a good one, a great one. Here are three simple questions to ask while deciding how to bond with customers and earn their undying loyalty.

1. What industry are you in?

Your positioning statement must tell your audience who you are, or provide insight into what you offer. Keep it short and precise. There are many examples of classic positioning statements that redefined brands: Seven-Up: The Un-cola, Burger King: Have it your way, Hallmark: When you care enough to send the very best. Each of these lines told audiences something new and vital about the company: who they were, what they offered, how they were different. If you think those “big names” cast too big a shadow, you’re wrong. Creatively, your company can stand with them… if you have the courage, conviction and confidence to step out in a brand-defining direction.

2. Where does your brand stand competitively?

Be honest about advantages and disadvantages. If you highlight strengths, back them up with validated data.  But especially, don’t be afraid to turn a perceived weakness into a strength. In response to Detroit dismissals over “small size”, Volkswagen developed Think small in the Sixties.  Even in the days of tail-finned gas-guzzlers, customers recognized the obvious advantages of fuel-efficient, durable, dependable compact cars. Bottom line: potential liability yields a differentiating benefit (and record-setting sales).

3. What does your company promise to customers?

How will you tell them? In the case of FedEx, the “delivery” of its promise was literal: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.  How does your company excel above others? What can you bring to the table that your competitors can’t? A believable, fulfillable promise in your positioning statement will attract qualified customers looking for that assurance. Without you lifting a finger.

It’s time.  Set your brand on fire.  To light the spark, call us now at 813-229-6162 for a free consult.  Discover how the generated heat of on-target positioning can raise new revenue to new heights.  Within months.  For years.


About the Author: shirleyhutchinson