Print Collateral

Arguably, no other medium has undergone as much transformation as print.

As we increasingly move to an online reading audience, ads must communicate more directly than ever before.  Attention spans are shorter.  Time demands are greater.  Communicating styles must change accordingly.

At the same time, Recession-Recovery strategies must drive the message.  In-your-face headlines and shock visuals won’t motivate if the underlying concept doesn’t speak to your audience’s current, unique needs.  Value can’t be buried.  Customers only respond to advertisers  who understand who they are, what they want, why they want it.

This is Relationship Marketing… and it’s no longer optional.  It means your ads must be sharper, more niche-driven, more focused.  One size no longer fits all.

Smart advertisers find ways to deliver benefits that answer pre-existing buying cues.  Our job is to do that creatively, intrusively, consistently and memorably.

Sales follow.

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