Strategic Radio Commercial Production from Tampa, FL

It’s been called the most abused, misused medium in advertising.  And it probably is.  Why spend thousands of dollars to create a radio commercial when any radio station – in exchange for a media buy – will do it for free?

Time out.  “Free” comes with a price. Do you really want to sound like every other advertiser who uses the same local announcers (and the same writing, cranked out as quickly as possible on the same assembly line)?

We audition and cast West Coast voices because LA has the deepest talent pool in the country.  We also micro-manage every possible aspect of the recording/directing/editing process, because it makes a difference.  But that’s not why our radio commercial spots work.

Our sound ideas don’t sound like everything else around them.  In radio, as in life, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Checkers – “Salute”

Checkers – “Fowl”

St Josephs Hospital – “Emergency Room”

Bath and Kitchen Gallery – “Armageddon”