What makes us different

What makes Shirley/Hutchinson different from a traditional ad agency?

There are many answers to that question.  Here are some of the most important ones…

Our mission.

“Moving images.   On a higher plane.”  is our new positioning statement.  For the first time in 25 years, it replaces our original tagline… “National advertising without the agency.”  Instead of seeking out the biggest companies we could find, we have turned our attention to an under-served audience.

Simply stated, we want to work with successful Christian entrepreneurs.  They already form the bulk of our client base.  Using the same principles we have honed and crafted with Fortune 500 companies, we want to help smaller enterprises grow more rapidly.  Because we already share their philosophy (we are a faith-based company), we already have much in common.  We believe creative excellence thrives when everyone starts with the same goals.

Our business model.

Typical agencies bill by the hour, like attorneys.  We offer turnkey, pre-bid services on a project-by-project basis.  Typical agencies have multiple departments and large staffs… which are frequently under-utilized.  We have core creative writers, artists and producers in-house, augmented by a consortium of specialists that come from decades-long relationships.  (The team expands and contracts based on the project.)  Typical agencies take any client with money that comes through the door.  Our mission allows us to be selective.

We engineered most of this model when we first opened, in 1988.  It’s not typical.  But it works.  And we have the case histories (and testimonials) to prove it.

Our name.

We offer all of the deliverables of an “ad agency”, but we’re not exclusively bound by the bottom line.  Our staff has always been heavily weighted to the creative side – not the “business” end.  That means if we have to decide between an extra dollar or a better creative product… it’s always been an easy decision.

In summary: “CreativeWorks” isn’t just something on the door.  It’s a belief that all marketing works better when targeted strategic ideas – unexpected ideas — push the envelope.  So everything we’ve learned over the years, everything you need to know is really in the name.

Shirley/Hutchinson creative… works.