The Eldridge Group

Jeremy Eldridge had a marketing problem you’ll identify with, at least in principle.

He’s a CPA who specializes in affluent clients with onerous tax burdens.  Unfortunately, his home-made website didn’t clearly explain his process… or offer metrics for his success.  It was essentially “brand-less”: prospects couldn’t see his point of difference.

Shirley/Hutchinson analyzed Jeremy’s smart, savvy, strategic approach.  Then we created a website with an aggressive new brand, from navigation to copy and design to original photography.  We even turned a photo set-up into a quick-video opportunity.  Here’s Jeremy’s review…

“Attention to detail.  Thorough.  The new site is infinitely better at showcasing the messaging I want to present.  (Plus great photography.)   As I preach to my own clients: if you want professional results, consult a professional.”