Advanced Pain Management Center

website design ad agency tampa flAfter years as an anesthesiologist, working long hours under grueling conditions, Brent Stewart had a dream.

He wanted to open a clinic. One dedicated to more-intelligent, more-effective, more-efficient alternatives in pain management.

To help him launch this bold venture Shirley/Hutchinson named the clinic, devised a strategy and a positioning statement, designed a logo, created a brochure, produced a series of educational newspaper ads and built an introductory website. The site included video of Brent – using the comforting bedside manner he was known for – explaining how Advanced Pain Medical Center relentlessly investigated “cause”. (A big improvement over medicating “symptoms”.)

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Propelled by the multi-media campaign, APMC jump-started their business with a steadily-increasing roster of loyal patients.

Using personalized therapies that deliver less pain and more function, Dr. Stewart is giving patients back the best of their lives.