New Artisan Kitchens

website design agency flChris Madeira and Steve Smith were talented cabinetry craftsmen with a difference… they had engineering and math degrees. As they tried to design unique solutions for creative customers, they found themselves limited by “mass-produced” products and techniques.

So they did something about it. They found better materials and began building innovative ideas… like revolving shelves hidden by folding doors. Gliding bins that close with a touch. Vertical drawers and other ingenious uses of “wasted” space.

From a marketing standpoint, Shirley/Hutchinson performed a similar transformation. A strategy, a positioning, a logo that combined “classic workmanship” with “modern ingenuity”, a brand-new website inspired by DaVinci illustrations. And a number of tightly-produced, animated videos that clearly demonstrate the New Artisan difference.

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Customer orders are through the roof. Chris and Steve have expanded, added employees and looked ahead for optimum ways to manage the growth.

It’s a good problem to have.