For generations (and by a wide margin) the Ugly Stik has been America’s best-selling rod.

Understandably, we were flattered when Shakespeare Fishing Tackle chose Shirley/Hutchinson to create a new commercial for a national positioning campaign.  To their credit, Shakespeare knew exactly what they wanted.

The new TV spot had to clearly and memorably communicate benefits.  At the same time, we needed to leverage the decades-old dominance of the brand (a unique differentiator).

As we researched the product category, we understood Shakespeare’s concern.  Many competitors used ads that were funny, but not motivating.

We often found ourselves chuckling at a commercial… and then quickly forgetting who paid for it.

Our solution is now airing on ESPN2, Fox SportsNet and other national networks. It generates a smile.  But it also tells a generational story about family, the Ugly Stik’s legendary durability, and the happy fishermen it produces.