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In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, trying to make your company stand out can be overwhelming.  Many of your competitors have a used-for-years motto that their audiences remember with reliable recall.  But what happens when you don’t want to settle for the status quo?  When you want to go above and beyond, but be direct and simple at the same time?  You’ve just described a strategically-targeted corporate-positioning statement… not just a good one, a great one. Here are three simple questions to ask while deciding how to bond with customers and earn their undying loyalty.

1. What industry are you in?

Your positioning statement must tell your audience who you are, or provide insight into what you offer. Keep it short and precise. There are many examples of classic positioning statements that redefined brands: Seven-Up: The Un-cola, Burger King: Have it your way, Hallmark: When you care enough to send the very best. Each of these lines told audiences something new and vital about the company: who they were, what they offered, how they were different. If you think those “big names” cast too big a shadow, you’re wrong. Creatively, your company can stand with them… if you have the courage, conviction and confidence to step out in a brand-defining direction.

2. Where does your brand stand competitively?

Be honest about advantages and disadvantages. If you highlight strengths, back them up with validated data.  But especially, don’t be afraid to turn a perceived weakness into a strength. In response to Detroit dismissals over “small size”, Volkswagen developed Think small in the Sixties.  Even in the days of tail-finned gas-guzzlers, customers recognized the obvious advantages of fuel-efficient, durable, dependable compact cars. Bottom line: potential liability yields a differentiating benefit (and record-setting sales).

3. What does your company promise to customers?

How will you tell them? In the case of FedEx, the “delivery” of its promise was literal: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.  How does your company excel above others? What can you bring to the table that your competitors can’t? A believable, fulfillable promise in your positioning statement will attract qualified customers looking for that assurance. Without you lifting a finger.

It’s time.  Set your brand on fire.  To light the spark, call us now at 813-229-6162 for a free consult.  Discover how the generated heat of on-target positioning can raise new revenue to new heights.  Within months.  For years.


We believe webvideo is a motivational force of nature whose potential is untapped. If you doubt that, if you still believe limitations exist – for your particular product or service, for example – consider this...

Not long ago, we created webvideos for a hymnal (yes, a hymnal) to increase audience and raise awareness. In the first week, the four-minute music video on the left generated over 15,000 views. The three-minute "Guided Tour" on the left rapidly passed 65,000 views.  Total for the client's three webvideos combined — 118,107 pre-qualified views.  And still climbing.  If we can help hundred-year-old hymns resonate with new majesty and power to an audience of this size… imagine what we could do for you.

Truth is the best advertising. Always.

In a better world, our business would not be synonymous with hyperbole and hogwash. In reality, unexpected advantages, compellingly told, move minds in your direction. Sometimes harder to find. Always worth the search.

More than an ad agency.

Everyone goes to work because they are driven by... something.

For the first 25 years, an ad agency called Shirley/Hutchinson was blessed with projects from General Electric, Time Warner, Lockheed Martin, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Marriott, The Eaton Corporation, Baxter Medical, Checkers, Firehouse Subs and Shakespeare Fishing Tackle... among others. We enjoyed them all.

But for the next 25 years, we want to take the same principles that worked for those big companies and apply them to smaller ones.

Why We Do This

Strategy is king.

We frequently tell clients "cute doesn’t last". That means clever ads without an underlying strategy don’t sell well. Worse, the customer often can’t even remember your name. (Super Bowl examples, anyone?)

Entrepreneurs step off our elevator looking for websites, or brochures, or commercials... and "clever". Instead, Shirley/Hutchinson research starts with "who are you and what makes you different?" Because, when the creative connects a most-important benefit to a most-important need – ideas get traction. And campaigns have legs.

What We Do

Brand Strategy &
Brand Development

Entrepreneurs spend countless hours building a profitable company. Over time, they become increasingly adept at this process. However, often their brand message is blurred... or non-existent. Which makes their job exponentially harder.

Consumers react best to compelling simplicity. And since they don’t often find it, any company telling a clear, consistent story that matters to them will get their business.

Creative Strategy

Website Design &
Website Video

Almost everyone has a website. Few of those sites, however, are current, easily navigated, concise and strategically-branded throughout. We specialize in website design and website video for small businesses as well as large corporations.

Brand strategy, design, imagery and copy tone will always be critical to your website's success. But they take on added dimensions of credibility when video brings them to life.

Website Design & Website Video

TV Commercials & Radio Commercials

Television commercials and radio commercials that work have to be simultaneously attention-getting and motivating. If they only accomplishes the first, your potential customers might remember the spot the next day, but they'll have no idea who paid for it.

We bring years of expertise to the television commercial and radio commercial production process. By utilizing tried-and-true marketing principles, our commercials work a lot longer than thirty seconds.

TV & Radio Commercials

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